The DoD Switches to a Cloud-Based Email Platform

The DoD Switches to a Cloud – Based Email Platform

The Department of Defense (DOD) has officially switched to a cloud-based email platform, called Enterprise Email. The main purpose of this new platform is to allow DoD users to send and receive email securely on a private network. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has mandated 100% CAC adoption by the Department of Defense. This means that DoD employees will be unable to access Outlook outside of the mil or gov network.

The Defense Enterprise Email (DEE) solution was an interagency effort led by Alfred Rivera of the DISA and Mike Kreiger of the U.S. Army’s Chief Information Officer-G6 Division. It revolutionized the communication processes for the entire force by implementing uniform protocols, single-use email addresses, and a searchable database of all Common Access Card (CAC) holders. The Defense Enterprise Email solution eliminates the need for individual command and unit mail servers, reducing their power and maintenance costs. It also had a list of addresses for 4.5 million people who had Common Access Cards. 

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